Wealth Management

Corn Investment Limited offers discretionary wealth management services dedicated to delivering client-focused solutions. Through Manhattan we work with private clients, family offices, financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, trustees and charities. A range of investment solutions are available, each capable of being tailored to match specific requirements.

The starting point of our wealth management service is working with clients to understand their long-term financial goals. Only after this do we construct appropriate and tailored solutions designed to meet their expectations. However, while client’s needs may be unique, there are core features of our service which remain consistent:

Investment expertise
As part of Corn Investment Limited, we offer capabilities normally only accessible to institutional clients Breadth of offering. An extensive range of offerings is available including sustainable, responsible and ethical solutions where this is a client consideration.

Exceptional client service
We understand that clients need peace of mind that their assets are being managed diligently and effectively by a team of investment experts. To provide this reassurance, we strive to deliver high levels of client service with dedicated managers committed to continually keeping their clients informed.

As part of Corn Investment Limited
Our managers have access to unrivalled levels of expertise and insights from over 40 investment professionals. This not only helps deliver strong investment performance but also enables us to continually adapt client portfolios as needs change.

As every client’s needs are different, we seek to establish their priorities and financial objectives. The factors we consider include:
** assets and liabilities
** attitude to risk
** return expectations
** cash-flow requirements
** investment horizon
** personal priorities

After discussing priorities and investment goals, we will propose an appropriate investment solution. As far as possible, we are able to accommodate particular requirements into the end solution. Over time, circumstances and financial goals will change. We proactively work with clients to anticipate change and adapt their portfolios.