Private Markets

As one of the managers of private markets assets, we can give our clients access to unlisted investment opportunities worldwide.

At Corn Investment Limited, we offer investors extensive access to opportunities across all key private markets asset classes. Managing assets in private markets solutions worth around $1 billion with over 20 professionals dedicated to private markets*

Core beliefs drive client outcomes
All our activities across private markets are driven by three core beliefs:

. High-quality research and fundamental investment understanding underpins sustainable out performance
. Connected, collaborative teams deliver better private markets investment outcomes by harnessing their collective expertise
. Embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact investing into the investment process is key to being an active and engaged manager of private markets assets.

By adhering to these three principles, we look to generate positive, reliable and sustainable outcomes for our clients throughout all market and economic conditions.

What we offer

Private markets assets are investments that are not traded on a public exchange or market. Whether considered individually or in combination, these assets can play an important role in helping our clients achieve their longer-term investment objectives.

There are three key reasons why we believe investors should consider making an allocation to private markets.

1. Potential for superior returns compared to traditional assets
It is widely accepted that an allocation to private markets can improve the risk-adjusted return potential of a long-term investment portfolio.

2. A lower correlation with other assets
One of the advantages of an allocation to private markets is the low correlation with other asset classes. This is particularly important in an environment where the performance and value of traditional asset classes, such as equities and bonds, come under pressure. In these circumstances, private markets assets should retain their ability to deliver a potential smoothing effect on total portfolio volatility and support more sustainable returns over the long term.

3. Effective portfolio diversification
An allocation to private markets can improve portfolio diversification. Spreading investment across public and private markets can maximise the potential
for returns while also spreading risk. As the chart below demonstrates, this can make for a more efficient portfolio that offers better returns without materially increasing the level of risk.
Private markets encompass a wide variety of investment opportunities, many of which are familiar and linked to our everyday lives. At Corn Investment Limited, we have the resource, expertise and experience to offer a range of strategies to meet all our client’s needs.